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A Winning Challenge Quilt 20018 by: Deb Veshinfsky

Challenge Quilt



Optical Illusion Challenge - 2019 

“How did they do that?”

Samantha Cetrulo - Chairperson

    • Optical Illusions are often easy to do with careful planning.
    • Do you often see Optical Illusion quilts and wish you could have one of your own?
    • Now is the time to make your own! There are multiple books available in our library and resources online.
    • Optical illusions are the use of pattern and color to create the illusion of movement resulting in optical effects.
    • Any quilt that plays a trick on the eyes is what we're looking for.
    • It might be straight seams that look curved, the appearance of a third dimension or depth, a secondary pattern that emerges, a photo design or any other optical illusion.
    • No size or color restrictions.
    • Questions?  Contact Samantha 
    • Challenge judging - January 7. 2020 CQQG meeting.


2018 Challenge

Jane Merkel - Chairperson

"Panel Play" Winners & Participants

1st Place - Quilt Division - Deb Veshinfsky

1st Place - Non Quilt Division - Kathy Moore

2nd Place - Julie Borden

3rd Place - Kathy Moore



Crazy Quilters

2017 Challenge

"A Solid Challenge"

Nancy Ayers


The 2017 Challenge Quilts


Challenge 25

Carole Whaling - Chairperson

The Great Nine Patch Challenge

Winner - Deb Veshinfsky

Members created quilts focusing on Challenge 25 parameters,

with a most delightful array of results.

free web gallery slideshowby v5.7


'It's All About Color' Challenge

Chairperson: Jane Grove

Winner - Deb Veshinfsky